Email marketing is a great way to reach customers and increase sales.  Marketing via email differs from other marketing mediums in a few ways.

  1. Your email list contains “Warm Leads”.  These potential customers have either done business with you in the past, or are seriously interested in your products and services and want to keep up with your business.
  2. Unlike outbound marketing where you are building brand recognition, your email list is already familiar with your brand.  This means you do not have “introduce yourself”, you can jump right into what the current special, service or event you are trying to broadcast.
  3. You can track engagement specifically to each user.  With the right newsletter platform, you can track how many opened emails per campaign, how many times a user opened the letter and even what links were clicked on!


Keeping in contact with your customers, and regularly promoting yourself to subscribers has shown to have a higher lead to close rate than any other form of marketing!  What is great about using professional newsletters for marketing is that there is no cost in materials or postage. So, what are some great ways to use email marketing for your business?

  • Reminding a customer of a needed service.  Maintenance services, health follow ups and other timely services are perfect for email marketing.
  • Promoting special offers or special events.  Reminding people who have already purchased from you that you have a special offer for them often results in sales.
  • Keeping your brand in the front of your client’s mind.  If your business does not have many repeat customers, a challenge real estate agents face, engaging content with your branding on it is a great way to keep your business in mind.  The subscriber appreciates the content you are sending, and your name will be remembered when someone in their network is in need for your services!

It is important that your campaigns look professional and have accurate information.  Would you like to learn more about using email marketing for your business?  Call us at (928)302-3522 today!



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