Why SEO?

//Why SEO?

Why SEO?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is optimizing websites so that search engines will rank the sites highly in search results.  It may sound boring, but it can get very psychological.

Every day people are going to their mobile device, computer or tablet and asking questions.  Think of how often you do this:  Where is the nearest garage for oil changes? How to unclog a sink? Which Chinese restaurant has a happy hour?

It stands to reason that people are doing the same thing in regards to your business.  As little as 10 years ago, people would open a phone book, look for a general category and start calling businesses to get the answers they needed.  Now, they simply type or speak their query into a search engine, and which ever business has made the effort to answer the question comes out on top.

That is the key, who answered the question best. This is why search engine optimization is important to your business.  By having the best content in a format that is easy for the search engine to understand and index, your business can be at the top of the results!

However, it is easy to miss the mark with optimization.  Proper research needs to be done to understand how people are searching for your business.  Only after analyzing what terms are currently being used to seek your product or service can a site be effectively optimized.

Do you have site that is missing the mark?  We can help!  Contact us today and let us get you to the top of search engines! Call (928)302-3522 and start now!

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